The Matrix Calculator is a state-of-the-art algorithm-based web application which is used to generate a Sequential set of 6 individual numbers including the number corresponding to the last spin of the roulette wheel. These 6 numbers used in conjunction with the calculator will allow the end user to have a greater edge in profiting with any RNG roulette table online
or at a land-based casino machine.


The calculator allows the player to not only SET their desired profit per spin as they require but also sets the required invest amount for each spin. Even though with specific strategies which are illustrated in our member videos stating the calculator will all the user to TURN EVERY SPIN INTO A WINNING SPIN when there is a WINNING SPIN, there will be times because of multiple investments it may not be maximized to its true potential.


This simply means there may be times depending on the system being used the calculator may not generate the DESIRED target profit per spin, but will allow the player to recoup most of any losing propositions and keep them in the game, or still generate a profit while preserving their bankroll. This only happens with multi wager propositions. Simply put the Matrix Calculator is a profiting machine when used exactly as instructed.


There are 4 specific strategies which should be used with the Matrix Calculator.


These 4 systems will allow you to profit more consistently and far more than ever before with any other system previously used because the RNG wheel simply does not know where your next number is being placed. Any possibility of a wheel TRACKING the player goes out the door with this system. When there is a losing spin or spins, it’s just the natural process of a Random Generated Numbers (R.N.G) table and not because you are being tracked.

Why Use  Matrix PRO ?

The spinpro17 matrix calculator is the tool to have if want to even consider beating a roulette wheel and turning consistent profits in a very short time. You must have a minimum bankroll of at least $500 or more when playing with less than $1 units (ex = 25 cents, 50 cents etc.) You must have a minimum bankroll of $1000 + when playing with $1 or more units.

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